Alabeo C207

Alabeo C207

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Alabeo C207

Alabeo C207

The C207 Skywagon is a single engine general aviation aircraft. Derived from the C206, the C207 is a larger version that can accomodate up to eight seats. The C207 also comes with a larger engine than the 206: A Lycoming engine with 300HP.
This is a superb version from Alabeo with high-definition textures
New advanced features

X-Plane 10 GNS530
FPS-optimized model.
Scroll wheel support

High-Resolution model

HD Textures
Volumetric side view prop effect
High quality 3D model and textures.
Blank texture for creating your own designs.
Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
64-bit compatible.

Two variants of the C207

Regular C207 and Bush version


Included in the C207 Package:

5 hd liveries – 1 Blank…

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