Alabeo C404

Alabeo C404

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Alabeo C404

Alabeo C404

The C404 Titan is an American twin-engined, propeller-driven light aircraft built by Cessna Aircraft.
It was that companys largest twin piston-engined aircraft at the time of its development in the 1970s.(wikipedia)
The C404 Titan can carry over 10 passengers over 2000nm
High quality Alabeo model

Volumetric side view prop effect
High-Resolution 3D model and textures (4K)
Custom C404 Titan sounds

Alabeo custom Systems

On screen menus
64-bit compatible
FPS-optimized model
SuperManipulator scroll wheel support
X-Plane 10 GNS430

Other features

Five high-resolution paint schemes
Blank texture for creating your own designs
Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
Complete documentation with procedures included


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