BAE Jetstream 32

BAE Jetstream 32

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BAE Jetstream 32

BAE Jetstream 32

The British Aerospace Jetstream 32 is a high-performance turboprop airliner capable of transporting up to 19 passengers.Designed by Javier Rollon, designer of the CRJ-200, theJetstream 32 is as detailed as it gets.
Simulated Systems

Custom simulated systems
Manual or automatic engine startup
Ground power unit start simulated with visible GPU
Custom sounds – Failures systems
Control in-cabin air temperature
Simulated pressurization system

Beautiful modeling in and out

Fully detailed and animated 3D cockpit
High Definition modeling and texturing
Reflective glass on instruments in the cockpit.
Immersive lighting effects
Atmospheric effects, including ice buildup, fog, function wipers clearing water
10 liveries available

Superior Flight model

Accurate flight…

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