Boeing 787-900 Magknight

Boeing 787-900 Magknight

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Boeing 787-900 Magknight

Boeing 787-900 Magknight

MagKnight B787-9

New engine fanblades.
New wing with updated wingflex and various control surfaces details and wingtip improvement.
Corrected marching ants and mapping issues.
Lower L1 door position for active jetways, autogate, etc.
New paintkit

Interior model

Improved MFD with Fuel, Hydraulics, Control surfaces and Electric synoptic indications.
Hydraulic switch now available.
HPA indication in PFD (not switchable for the moment)


Corrections in fuel efficiency and engine power to allow longer flights.
Groundspeed, TAS and wind vector corrected in the ND.Transponder Ident now available. Transponder digits can now be changed up and down.
Airspeed in PFD now hides at mach speeds instead of showing 0.
Flaps maneuverability issue…

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