KLAX – Short Final

KLAX – Short Final

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KLAX - Short Final

KLAX – Short Final

KLAX – Los Angeles International HD
os Angeles International (KLAX) is the worlds fifth busiest passenger airport, and the second busiest in the US.
It serves as a hub for a many major US airlines, including American, Delta and United. Due to its many connections to Asia and South America, LAX is considered to be the premier gateway to the Pacific Rim.
LAX is also the fourth busiest cargo hub in the US, serving as a hub for Atlas Air.
KLAX HD is another masterpiece by MisterX
High Definition Airport

Accurate models for all buildings with baked Ambient Occlusion
Dynamic reflections on objects and ground textures
Custom high resolution ground textures
HDR night lighting, animated LAX Gateway Kinetic Light Pylons
High resolution photo scenery…

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